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We stand with those who use their strength to lift people up when they can and call for help when they need because we believe humanity is about vulnerability as much as character and confidence. It’s about decency as much as frankness and honesty. It’s about fearless authenticity.

We stand with those who refuse to be ordinary, who know weird means fun and who won’t apologize for thinking sideways, because we believe we should strive to be everything we can be; fragile and strong, ridiculous and intelligent, aware and care-free.

We stand with those who break down gender barriers, who speak for the discriminated and who defy those who only seek profit because we believe we are all equal and deserve a fair chance to thrive in this world.

We made it our duty to challenge expectations about femininity and actively work towards a better, sustainable, responsible future because we stand with all of you who believe.

Truand Truand systematically donates 10% of every order sold to the Canadian Women's Foundation
Together we gave back $3945